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wonderful house for sale in croatia

–the house is situated in Motovun,the most beautiful medieval village of the peninsula of Istria

Skønt hus til salg i det nordlige Kroatien

Old stonehouse of 110 m2 plus terrace, cellar and small garden – price 190.000 euro

Do you dream of a renovated house, which reflects another age and lies at the top of a 270 meter high mountain? We have the place for you.

The house is centrally placed in a silent part of Motovun at the peninsula Istria, in the northern part of Croatia.


The house holds three floors of each 32 m2 plus a dry and renovated cellar with solid floor of 16 m2 and a hall/porch of

13 m2.

The natural stone terrace measures 22 m2 and was renovated in 2018.

Breathtaking view

The house is built in the beginning of 1800 and has been renovated and expanded several times.

It is bright and very solid with outer walls of about 50 centimeters. 20 years ago it was renovated according to all rules and local construction tradition. 

There are strict requirements to modernizing real estate in Motovun, as the urban environment is worth preserving.

From the first and second floor as well as from the terrace, there is a breathtaking view over the valley with its vineyards and olive groves.

No vehicles – but peace and authenticity

Motovun is an unspoiled pearl with a Venetian fortress, medieval houses and narrow cobbled streets.

The village is situated in a hilly landscape, often compared to Italian Tuscany.

Motovun is almost pedestrianized. The atmosphere is authentic and peaceful – and at the same time lively with attractive restaurants.

Today, Istria is being noticed at the gastronomic world map.

Among the local specialities are air dried ham, homemade pasta, vine and truffles.

Truffle hunters and their dogs sift the forest ground for tasty black and white truffles.

Around Motovun

From our house – at the left with the roses – you have approximately 20 minutes by car to the coast with its crystal clear sea and beautiful Roman seaports.

There is only one hour's car ride to the Italian border and the lively seaport of Trieste. If you wish to experience more of Italy, Venice is only a couple og hours' drive away. You can also take a ferry to Venice from one of the seaports of Istria.

Around Croatia


Croatia is considered to be one af the most beautiful countries in Europe. In addition, you have numerous possibilities of exploring other rather unknown Balkan countries. You can visit Ljubljana, the small and pleasant capital of Slovenia, the astonishing nature of Montenegro og the fascinating Albania, to mention a few of many possibilities.

Spacious kitchen-dining area

From the hall you enter the spacious kitchen-dining area with room for a big dinner table, and with the old traditional fireplace and stairs to the first floor.

The house has all essential installations: refrigerator, stove and oven, washing machine in the cellar, heat pump/cooler and an efficient burning stove at first floor, big hot water tank and well functioning internet.


It is not difficult to keep warm during summer time, but in winter you may need the heat pump, one of the electric ovens or the little and efficient stove.

Light and View


At the first floor you find the big and bright living room and a smaller and very attractive bedroom.


Both rooms offer magnificent view over the valley and to the night sky.

The staircase of the living room takes you to the big bedroom with sloping walls as well as to the roomy bathroom.

From the seats of the bathroom you have a wonderful sight to forest and villages.

Close to perfect


The terrace opens for a 180 degrees unique view over the valley.

The terrace is enclosed by a wall of oleander to one side and a small garden area to the other.

From the first floor of the house you have four windows overlooking the valley – two from the living room and two from the bedroom.


Motovun on the top of the mountain
Our house lies almost in the center
House and blooming peach tree
With freshly painted shutters
Doors to garden and kitchen
Hall and entrance door
Kitchen-dining area
Kitchen-dining area
Kitchen-dining area
Traditional fireplace in the kitchen
Stairs between the floors
Living room with a view
From living room to bedroom
Inside bedroom at first floor
Inside bedroom at first floor
View from bedroom
View from the bed
Master bedroom at 2. floor
Master bedroom at 2. floor
Original wood work
The old locks are renovated
Roomy bathroom
Peach tree in March
The terrace is behind the oleanders
Terrace with new natural stones
The best reading room in town
The best party place in town
View from house to terrace and town
A walk around the village
The beauty of the streets surprises
One of the gates of Motovun
The main street Borgo
Through the gate to the main square
Several restaurants at the top
Quiet moment at the main square
The Venetian fortress walls
360 degrees view from the wall
Village, wine yards and olive groves
Above the clouds
Close to the sky
Often the clouds are beneath you
At the top is the main square
And the old Hotel Kastel
Its outdoor restaurant attracts many
Truffles for everybody
Delicious dishes on the card
The cafés offer good coffee
A small café at the top
Silent morning in the main street
Shops sell truffle, wine, olive oil
Small shop at the top
Here you satisfy your basic needs
New marked at the foot of the hill
Renault 4 defy age in Motovun
People care about gardening
Southern European atmosphere
Preference for old things
Only 20 minutes by car to the sea
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